sunshine swim 50x50(resize).jpg

S o o   B u r n e l l is an Edinburgh based photographer who has worked in various fields of photography over the last 17 years. Last year saw the launch of her latest collection titled ‘poolside’, which focuses on her passion for architecture.

Soo captured the architecture of Edinburgh’s historic swimming pools by highlighting the striking geometry, dramatic proportions and dreamy colour palette of each space. Focussed on careful composition with the inclusion of figures to scale the architecture. The effect is minimal and restrained yet also dynamic in proportion and detail,   as Soo offers a mesmerising glimpses into these ‘hidden’ spaces.

 Soo’s work caught the eye of the uber-cool Instagram account Accidentally Wes Anderson and has been featured on their gallery several times this year. Soo was also shortlisted for a Scottish Portrait Award which has just finished exhibiting in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Artist statement :

“I wanted to photograph Edinburgh’s swimming baths to show the beauty of the architecture while minimising all of the modern elements. I love the geometry of the tiles, the lines on the bottom of the pool, and the typography including the ‘Deep End’ signs. Since my first poolside Exhibition last year I have traveled to London, Paris, Manchester and Glasgow to add to my collection.

“I have been really inspired by the idea of having a slightly quirky Wes Anderson feel to them, especially with the pastel colour palette, and with the swimmers adding both a human element to each scene along with a dreamlike quality.

“We are so lucky to have these beautiful pools still in use in our city and maybe the photographs will remind people how lovely they are.”